Waterscape Solitaire American Falls

Experience this entirely new twist on solitaire! Traverse across North America enjoying the splendor of the magical waterfalls. Match cards to clear them from the play field and uncover tranquil scenes. Featuring 15 landmark waterfalls and calming music, this soothing game provides hours of challenging relaxation.

*Visit 15 American landmark waterfalls
*Infinite game play delivers non-stop enjoyment
*Super family-friendly theme

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Featured Review
by Lattegato

"What a beautiful solitaire style game! It isn't truly solitaire, more of matching cards to clear them them off the screen. I absolutely love killing an hour or two playing solitaire on any given weekend when it's raining outside and I have a nice cup of tea with me, but playing this one, with the beautiful graphics, sound effects, it's so relaxing. Seems like I'm not even here, sitting at my desk, avoiding a pile of work! A top rated solitaire/tile game in my humble opinion. And I chose this game as a gift from PlayFirst for being February 2008 Player of the Month, so that made it extra special."

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