Jewel Quest Solitaire

Join Professor Pack on the ultimate jewel-matching adventure across the world's richest continent! The dangers of the safari, the history of the Zimbabwe ruins, and the majesty of Victoria Falls await your discovery. Filled with puzzles of skill and twists while surrounded by gorgeous dynamic backdrops, this game will sweep you away. Play against others or be matched with a computer opponent. Embark on a thrilling journey in a story filled with adventure, love, and betrayal that changes with every replay!

*2 unique modes to play through for many more hours of fun
*114 layouts
*Discover 9 new jewels and power-ups

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1 comment:

Casamir said...

To me this game really isn't solitaire it is a mix of Tripeaks Solitaire and the match three game Jewel Quest. It's like a solitaire and a match three game all rolled into one. The other nice thing about this game is that there are two different modes, one has the storyline and one is just the cards although the story is worth reading along the way.
The graphics are beautiful and I really liked the background music. I am addicted to this game and still play it often.