Hoyle Miami Solitaire

Inspired by Miami's vibrant style and culture, this solitaire game will mesmerize players of all levels! Play a single game, or compete in a solitaire tournament to unlock game variations, while you earn money to buy your own mansion.

*55 different solitaire games
*Unlock 16 Official Hoyle® card-backs
*Build and decorate your own mansion
*2 modes: Quick Play, Story Mode

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1 comment:

Casamir said...

This game is awesome and jammed packed with over 50 different kinds of solitaire and at least 100 levels. All the graphics are in the Art Deco, Miami style and they are superb. The background music fits the art work and is very upbeat. They have mastered the sound of the cards being shuffled, you would swear that you are really using cards. All the different games can be a bit confusing but on every level the instructions pop up which is most helpful.
This is a great game for just playing solitaire but also has a Tournament Mode and storyline in which you work towards building a ritzy mansion in the Key Biscayne area of Miami. I have owned this game for sometime now and have yet to play all the levels that this game offers.