Fashion Solitaire

Use your style and taste to match garments with models, put together trendy outfits, and create signature collections in eight fabulous looks. Step into the role of paparazzi and snap photos of your clothing line on the catwalk — then email the photos to your friends. Use the Design Workshop to create your very own clothing, and add them to unique outfits to earn bonus cash. Spend your cash shopping from a catalog of hundreds of designer items. With over 45 levels of engaging solitaire gameplay and millions of designer options, Fashion Solitaire is the hottest fashion game of the season!

*48 levels of solitaire gameplay
*Design your own clothing and use it in the game
*Create outfits in 8 unique styles

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1 comment:

Lattegato said...

This is a great game for young girls! Forget that it says Solitaire, because it isn't anything of the sort. This is a matching game, using cards with photos of girl's clothes on them. Use them to make outfits of your choosing on cute models. If you like fashion games, you'll probably like this one. It just isn't solitaire. I did have fun with it though during the trial I played.