Ancient Tripeaks 2

Travel back to the days of mystical Gods and the greatest Heroes of Ancient Greece. The "Card Game of the Year" makes its long awaited return and is the perfect escape from your everyday worries. With 8 unlockable statues and cards, along with its addictive gameplay, Ancient Tripeaks 2 is a must have for any card or casual game player.

*New 25 Unique Levels
*Great Combo based game play
*Unlock able Cards
*In depth Tutorial system
*Fully online enable High scoring

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Casamir said...

I Love Tripeaks! Tripeaks 2 takes place in Greece and the graphics are stunning and the background music is very relaxing! You must rebuild 8 Greek statues that Zeus has destroyed and the story behind each of these statues is really interesting. Not your average Tripeaks! This is another game that I still play often